Everyone can make great graphs.

You don’t need a degree in computer science (and a minor in graphic design) to make charts that knock socks off. You don’t need to spend your already limited budget to outsource your graphs year after year. You can do it yourself and I’ll show you exactly how.

These are the courses I wish I had back when I was working with data full time. The stuff I’m going to teach you will let you build a skill set that gets you the career trajectory you’ve dreamed of – without having to make awkward small talk in a cold conference room.

“OMG I’m so awesome” moments – 100% guaranteed.

The Data Visualization Academy

For the chart-challenged, who need graphs that grab attention

Wind your way through tutorials on more than 60 chart types, plus lessons on formatting, dashboarding, slideshowing, and every other cool trick I can think of. This is where you learn a totally new way to think about data.

Enrollment opens again Fall 2024

Price: $2,000 or 10 monthly payments of $200

The Chart Starter Series

For data newbies who can’t stand the status quo

Kickstart your charts. This set of 10 tutorials will get you up to speed. Pick from Excel, Tableau, R, Power BI or Google Sheets. They all include the Evergreen Data approach to chart-making that will change your life.

Enrollment always open

Price: $300

Let’s Meet Where You Are

We have 200+ tutorials already inside the Data Visualization Academy (plus fresh lessons all the time!) in Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and R (and even some in Google Sheets). 

If you aren’t ready to tackle this much data viz in your life, try our Chart Starter Series – a curated set of 10 tutorials designed to get you going, available in Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Google Sheets, or R.

Here’s a cheat sheet on how our programs compare.

Chart Starter Series
Best for people new to graphing who need to get oriented to a software program and learn the basics of amazing charts

Data Viz Academy
Best for people who are hungry to become the data visualization expert at the office & need broad, expansive knowledge of chart types & what works when
Length of access Come back anytime Come back anytime
Number of tutorials10200+
Payment plan available·
Worksheets and templates··
Research behind each chart choice··
Written step-by-step directions··
Digital certificate of completion··
Community forum for questions··
Office Hours help on data viz issues·
New content·
Private community forums·
Access to the Which Viz Quiz™·

No matter which course you’re ready for right now, I’ve got your back. Because, at the core, you and I believe the same thing: It’s not just a graph – it’s your mission.

Communicating your data effectively is how you change the world.