A decision tree that guides you to the right chart for your data

What’s the best chart type?

👆 This is one of those questions where you could ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. 

The wisest in the crowd will shrug and say “it depends.”

Isn’t that frustrating?? 

Your job would be so much easier if you just knew what “it depends” on! 

It took me 10 years, elbows-deep in the data of hundreds of companies around the world, to develop the Which Viz Quiz

The Which Viz Quiz is a seemingly simple, interactive tool that guides you to the right chart choice. 

You know what would make graphing easier?

A decision tree that lays out everything “it depends” on, where you can be guided through each possible pathway, narrowing your options based on what you know about your dataset until you land on, at most, a small handful of your most suitable charts.

That’s the Which Viz Quiz

Then I’ll link you up with the step-by-step directions on how to construct your best chart. 

I don’t just lead you to the right choice, I show you exactly how to make it. I’ve got instructions in Excel, Tableau, and R (and an ever-growing list for Power BI). 

The Which Viz Quiz is a free resource provided to all students in The Data Visualization Academy.

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Let’s expand your grasp of graphs.

How many chart types can you think of off the top of your head?

Pie? Bar? Line? Scatter?

When my workshop students brainstorm at the beginning of the class, they rack up 8 types on a good day. 

No wonder our data visualization isn’t as effective as we’d like.

You’ve got so many more options!

But don’t just look at the small set of default chart choices presented to you in Excel, Tableau, or Power BI.

The Which Viz Quiz has three dozen different chart types – and only the good ones. I’ll show you charts you probably haven’t ever seen before, but absolutely need to know. 

These are the kind that make your audiences see the same ol data with totally new insights. Here’s just one example:

Have research at your back.

You’ll have so much more confidence putting your data out in the world when you’ve used the Which Viz Quiz to select the best chart option and when each chart choice has research to support its use. 

Sure, there are dozens of other chart choosing models out there in the world. Many of which have even more options than in the Which Viz Quiz. But they’re bad.

The Which Viz Quiz purposefully focuses your growth on the chart types that the research actually backs up.

Which Viz Quiz + step-by-step instructions + research-backed choices = you absolutely rocking it at your next data presentation. 

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