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Keynotes & Workshops for Data Consumers and Data Analysts 

Bad Data Displays Lose Hearts, Minds, & Wallets

Unengaging presentations burrow deep in your audience’s filing cabinet, never to be consulted again. Poorly formatted data visualizations confuse your audience, slow down decision-making, and make you look ineffective.

The good work being done by you and your team may currently be clouded but better data visualization and intentional reporting will make it clear and help you shine. I’ll teach you everything I know about communicating data effectively, using software you already own.

Together, we shape your organizational culture.

Let’s Change Your Game.

I’ll assess your needs and develop the best training to get your team up to speed and presenting your data effectively.

What You Get

In a keynote address, I’ll light a fire under your audience so that they leave hungry to better visualize data. I’ll talk about the science and structure of effective data visualization.

In workshops for data consumers, I teach you what to look for in data and how to pull together the evidence your team generates into clear messages that support decision-making. In fact, you’ll send me some of your current work and I’ll redesign it to illustrate exactly what better data visualization can do for you. I often partner with FassForward to help data consumers at Fortune 500s improve how they talk about data. 

In workshops for data analysts, I’ll teach you the Evergreen Data 4 Step Process for developing visuals. You’ll know exactly how to leverage all of that data you’ve been collecting to tell the story of your organization in ways that are compelling and firmly grounded in research-based best practices. I’ll show you how to push the buttons to make amazingly impactful data visualizations that are crystal clear – the kind of thing your audience will print out and post on their office walls. We will have plenty of hands-on activities. 

These data visualization techniques will blow your mind. But it’s much more than that.

How I’m Different

If you are just looking for instruction on the button-pushing, you can find that anywhere. Dozens of workshop instructors teach those skills.

What’s different about a workshop with me is that I can prove the massive impact you’ll get. This was my dissertation topic. I’ve studied the research for years. And my on-the-ground experience with numerous clients demonstrates that when we work together, we change the conversation. We create thought leaders and organizational powerhouses. I promise to show you those transformations, too.

After the workshop, I’ll support your independent efforts with detailed instructional handouts and videos. Our work together usually doesn’t end when I get back on the plane.

I have brought my PhD in research and my heavy hitting design to help dozens upon dozens of clients communicate key messages from their data, engage audiences in precise discussions, and streamline decision-making.

We will totally change your game.

Snag a Handout!

We break fire code with all the people who cram in the room to see me talk.

If you missed seeing me in person, grab a handout.

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How You Benefit

Recent clients have used the momentum and design skills gained in our workshops to make incredible changes to the way the communicate with one another, saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

After a set of workshops for both data consumers and data analysts at a large for-profit organization, a senior vice president wrote to say, “Your name is now a verb around here.”  It is now common to hear staff ask one another “Can you try to Evergreen that graph?”

Using techniques I taught to a group of data analysts at a large US federal agency, the way everyone in their entire division communicated began to change. Their reporting on life-saving health treatments and identification of life-threatening diseases became crystal clear. Participants wrote to me afterward to share their joys when their audiences applauded their notably clean and easy-to-understand presentations. Senior management then asked for a workshop so that everyone is on the same page, presenting clearly.

Fun and Games!

Looking for ways to increase engagement with data in your own workshops? Check out Dr. Evergreen’s fun ideas.

Read how my workshops with a government policy group led to defensible, straightforward decision-making on big policy issues through engaging reporting and sharp graphs.
Check out how my workshop with a Fortune 500 enhanced team culture, shortened meetings, and made them more nimble.


What does this look like? Check out this snippet from a recent keynote in Melbourne, Australia. Workshops look like this but with more of your own redesigned visuals built in or more hands-on activities. Data visualization workshops can run anywhere from a half day to two full days, depending on your needs. Shorter data visualization webinars are also available. Just a small investment of time can totally change the way you’ve been doing everything. Actual workshop fees depend on length, level of customization, and number of attendees. Travel expenses are usually included. Let’s chat about the details to land on a figure.

Get in touch and let's plan your game-changing workshop!

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