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I'm Dr. Stephanie Evergreen

Tell me you can relate:

I was at one of my favorite academic conferences, dutifully attending sessions that appealed to me (I was on the hunt for a dissertation topic). I’d flag descriptions that looked exciting and then head to the session only to be so numbed by the presentation that, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t pay attention. You’ve been there, right? I was so freakin bored.

And that’s when I discovered my dissertation topic – how we communicate data.

I started blogging about my frustrations. It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t alone because my inbox was full of people wanting me to teach them what I was learning about effective data visualization.

My life changed pretty quickly after that. I finished my PhD, launched the first ever initiative to change academic presentation culture in a major professional association, edited two volumes on data visualization in a popular journal, and published my first book, which stayed at #1 on Amazon bestseller lists in the US and the UK for several weeks. Other people might be exhausted by that but it only invigorates me.

Now I have the best job in the world.

I use my research-based approach to visualization and design to help awesome people be even better at what they do. We redesign reports together, we develop stunning slideshows, and we crystallize data visualizations.

But more importantly, I help these smart people change organizational culture by streamlining decision making, winning hearts and minds, educating new audiences, and getting to market fast. An investment in consulting with me reaps dividends.

I get to travel the world (ok, not so much in 2020) and work with everyone from a community-based non-profit to MasterCard. Because my PhD is in interdisciplinary research, I have a pretty fun ability to specialize in data from a wide range of fields, from education to health care to policy to market research and beyond.

Every year, I lead more than 50 workshop and keynotes, from 1 hour to 2 days in length, and I have the airline miles to prove it. I wrote my second book (another Amazon bestseller) and a second edition of my first book, on an airplane.

One other thing you probably should know: I do not sugarcoat. If your templates need an overhaul, I’ll tell you. If someone on your team suggests something that the research doesn’t support, I’ll say so.

Working with me is efficient and targeted, so that you can get back to saving the world and communicate more effectively while doing so.

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