The Evergreen Data Certification Program

Did you sign up for an online course with really good intentions,
only to find yourself barely checking in a couple months later?
In the Evergreen Data Certification Program, we will not let you fade away. 

When you commit to the Evergreen Data Certification Program, you become a data visualization aficionado, period. We’ll hold your hand (and hound you, if we have to) every step of the way. We are your partner in your growth and development as a data visualization rockstar.

The Evergreen Data Certification Program is a customized course for data viz die hards who want go-to co-worker status and charts that change the world.

You get targeted, boutique coaching on your data visualization projects. Your year in the Evergreen Data Certification Program will help you produce amazing visualizations, build your skill set and competitive edge, and get you recognized for your talents.

You’ll always know the answer to “how can we make this graph better?”

2020 Graduate

The greatest value that I have gained is knowing that there is a wide variety of charts and graphs that can be used to present the data. I consider myself a creative person and yet I was stuck using the same visualization styles over and over. Now that I have learned so many I can challenge myself to make my visuals stand out in any presentation.

Marianna Du Bosq, Government Professional


We start with an initial assessment of your data visualization skills and create a personalized learning pathway through our Academy tutorials, all leading up to a portfolio review and certificate at the end of the year.

You’ll be held accountable. Your Coach will check in with you REGULARLY to keep you on track through your learning and to support your ongoing data visualization projects. 

There are no chat bots here. All of our Coaches are actual (adorable) human experts in data visualization with top notch virtual coaching skills and excellent digital high fives.


Tip for success

Use this opportunity to rock out some upcoming work projects.

Aside from this incredibly hands-on coaching experience, your year with a Coach will also include everything that comes with the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy course: monthly live Office Hours, active conversations in our private Facebook and Slack groups, fresh tutorials throughout the year, and members-only events. In fact, you have unlimited access to the Academy after your Evergreen Data Certification Program is complete.

Take a Peek

Let me show you what’s in store.

In this tour, I walk through the guts of the Evergreen Data Certification Program and show how we tailor a specific data visualization curriculum for each student.

Think of it this way: 

You’ll invest in your growth for a solid year and before that year is even complete you’re going to be churning out high-impact data stories that make you feel like a rockstar and earn you accolades (and hopefully a raise too). 

Your data will look so good, Todd will *finally* have to say something nice about your work. 


To graduate from the Evergreen Data Certification Program, you will have to complete and demonstrate successful visualizations from 50 Academy tutorials, using any software – Excel, Tableau, R, Power BI or a combination of those. 

You’ll have a core curriculum you must complete. Your Coach will work with you to choose from many elective tutorials until you reach 50. At least one must demonstrate automation, one must include interactivity, and one must involve overall layout of multiple visuals. 

You’ll earn digital badges for each tutorial you complete and a paper certificate at the end.


Tip for success

Try to use data from your work or student life as you complete the tutorials, which gives you real work applicability and lets you maximize your time.

No kidding – it will be an intense year. But it will be a do-able year because you’ll be part of a supportive and encouraging environment. We specifically have small class sizes in order to focus on you and your data.

This is where you make how your data looks match how good your data is. 


Inside three months, your data is going to look like it belongs on the front page of the New York Times. 

If you can find a graphic designer who knows how to handle data (that’s a big IF), you could always pay them $150 an hour to design your graphs for you. Your budget will shrink and your own potential will belly flop off the high dive. You’ll be forever tied to someone else, even to get just a single typo fixed. 

Or you could save your budget and invest in you.

Pick the payment method that works best for you.

Easy one-time payment

10 monthly payments
$750 per month

Our payment plan doesn’t cost extra. Because you shouldn’t have to pay more just because you need to budget.


Tip for success

Get your boss to sponsor your year with a Coach. This is the least expensive, highest quality data visualization consulting you can find.

If you’ve ever seen me in-person at one of my workshops, you can tell pretty quick that I used to be a teacher. I can and will clap in a pattern in order to get a room full of adults to refocus. I’ve built the Evergreen Data Certification Program on everything I know about how people learn best. We are the only research-based online data visualization course.

Our Evergreen Data Certification Program gradates stack up their skills and make jaws drop with their graphs.

2020 Graduate

My co-workers have definitely taken notice that my visuals have improved, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve said “Oh, it’s super easy!” in the past year. All of the tutorials are so well laid out, and there are so many little automation tricks that save SO MUCH TIME.  But this program goes beyond learning how to make something look nice and really delves into how people learn, and how to use your visual to focus your audience’s attention. It’s really the full package!

Audrey Juhaz, Nonprofit Professional

Our students succeed because we know how to teach and we ESPECIALLY know how to teach data visualization. 

For the first time ever, you can now get hands-on, customized, personalized, structured, incredible data viz education. We are ready for you. You coming? 

Like any other major life upgrade, it’s common to have questions.

Your biggest burning question is probably How Awesome Will I Be When I Graduate? Our students can answer that one for you.

We survey our students throughout the year – anonymously on purpose so they can be brutally honest. 

It’s been great and I’ve learned quite a bit – in detail – even in just the first set of tutorials and have been an analyst for years.

Worthwhile for sure.

Anonymous Student Feedback

Even just a few tutorials really takes things to the next level. It’s in nice bite-sized chunks, but easy to cross pollinate the lessons learned.

The research-based resources and one-on-one feedback from a visualization expert really boost my confidence that what I’m putting together isn’t just prettier, but more understandable

Anonymous Student Feedback

From the start, the experience offers learning that is immediately applicable to my work. The communication is clear. There are gentle reminders to keep moving forward – it’s the right amount to keep me moving. It has been such a positive experience!

Anonymous Student Feedback

This is a rock star program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their data-viz skills!!!

Anonymous Student Feedback

The Evergreen Data Certification Program students learn how to make high-impact charts that change the world (and get a few compliments). When you need to know *exactly* how to sail through a slideshow or clinch next month’s speech, you just have to tap your Coach on the shoulder. We’ve got you.

The Evergreen Data Certification Program

Pick the payment method that works best for you.

Easy one-time payment

10 monthly payments
$750 per month

The Evergreen Data Certification Program is a big commitment. You should only sign up if you are ready for an intense, ambitious, transformative year. If you can’t handle that big of a bite, check out our other courses.

Then again, go big or go home, right?

What if you could become the best data vizard you know? Yes, that’s what you get to call yourself.

Here’s what happened to Lee:

I got a pay rise (8%!), there's a promotion in the pipeline, and senior leadership has more visibility of my work. More than that though, I have more of a sense of purpose at work, and people are now looking to me when it comes to communicating data to the wider department.

Are you ready to rocket your data visualization skills? Strap on your tandem jetpack, honey, cause you are coming with us.

Once you register, you’ll get a welcome email with questions about you and your goals. You’ll rate some of your current graphs. Based on that info, we’ll custom-build your learning path through 50 Academy tutorials and you and your Coach will start plotting your strategy to data viz victory.

Heads up: There are no refunds for The Evergreen Data Certification Program. Don’t sign up unless you are ready to commit to the work.

Join us in launching your communication capacity into outer space. Join The Evergreen Data Certification Program.

Join the VIP list!

Keep an eye out for a confirmation email. If you haven’t already confirmed your email through me when you signed up for my blog or the Academy VIP list, you’ll need to take one more step – open that email and confirm your intent to be added to the VIP list.

We will never share your information with anyone else. That would be gross. We will, however, email you the moment enrollment opens. If you don’t sign up right away, you’ll get a couple of other emails while the enrollment window is open. We promise not to bug you and we promise to keep your personal information safe.

The Graph Guide Program was a tremendous investment in my career.The nonprofit I work with released a quiz that generated vital data... I used this data to create and brand a variety of graphs and incorporated a data viz section to their style guide.I discovered that Excel is a wonderful tool for building graphs. I admit that I was an Adobe snob before the Graph Guides Program.
I expected the program to be top tier, and great, and it was.What I didn't expect was to become well versed in three different tools (R, Tableau and Excel) so quickly.I've learned how to create a variety of high quality visualizations in multiple formats, and have become the go to person in my division for this type of work.
When my company offered me the opportunity to take some training, I jumped at the chance to learn from one of the best!It's like I've been sticking with the appetizer side of the menu & someone just showed me pages & pages of other options all meant to help tell the story.People notice my visuals. I get compliments. The stories I'm telling with data are passed along without question as they make sense, they're targeted to the specific topic & they require little to no commentary.
The Graph Guides program opened my eyes to the field of data visualization. Both the complexity & simplicity that goes into some of the visuals we see daily.Additionally, I came to realize what "bad" data presentations look like & as a result I have
been able to guide my students to better
present their research findings.I came to this program as a student of data visualization and I find myself teaching
others of the benefits of good data vis.
I've been able to apply what I'm practicing in the courses directly to visualizations being shared with my bosses, our board, and outside stakeholders.I'm consistently getting positive feedback and have been asked to create more visualizations.They're asking me to work more on what I really enjoy doing.

The Evergreen Data Certification Program

Pick the payment method that works best for you.

Easy one-time payment

10 monthly payments
$750 per month

If you still don’t see your question addressed on this page, get in touch.