If you believe data is powerful –
as long as you can figure out how to communicate it effectively…

Join the Data Visualization Academy.

People who communicate data effectively change hearts and minds.
They win recognition and promotion. They become leaders.

I’ve seen it happen time and again in the people who learn from me in my standing-room-only workshops. That’s why I launched the Academy in 2016: to give access to these powerful but practical skills without the need for travel.

Grow, in your sweatpants. Skill up, without the (always too cold) conference room. Learn, from your couch, your porch, your new closet-turned-office.

If you need to learn how to make data so compelling that your audience will pay attention and take action, welcome to the “How’d you make that chart?” course.

Join the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy and access on-demand videos, researched expertise, and live coaching. Get feedback on your work, explore case studies, and answer questions in the community forums. Short on time? Download the templates with completed visualizations, just waiting for your data.


Being a busy professional, what I loved most are the structured content, easy and bite-sized videos, and the ability to practice at my own pace.

I am thrilled to be amongst awesome Academy community members who speak the same language and share lessons learned with each other.

Jina Dcruz

If you want people to remember your awesome points and not your confusing graphs, I can promise you that you’re not alone.

The Academy is filled with hundreds of people just like you, from all over the world, working toward the same goal: totally badass graphs that make you look like a rockstar.

The Evergreen Data Visualization Academy will help you reach rockstar status by providing:

Step-by-step written and video instructions in Excel, Tableau, R, Power BI, and even Google Sheets, which means you can take all the time you need to visualize better under expert direction. No pressure and no rush.
Guidance on when to use specific chart types, including access to the Which Viz? Quiz™, so that your data visualization construction process is more efficient than ever.
Templates with completed graphs, ready for your data, which means the quickest route to impressing others with your superstar communications.
Community forums to ask questions and gather feedback, so you can get help when you run into a roadblock and share your expertise with others.
Research to back up your new methods, so when your boss questions why you’re doing something a certain way, you have the persuasive justification at your fingertips.
Case studies and member spotlights, which means you can see how others have done it, get inspired, and adapt their ideas for your growth and experimentation.
Live monthly group coaching calls, which means a personal connection with me and pointed feedback on ongoing projects.
Data visualization swag, like digital versions of my data nerd holiday cards, which means you’re the coolest data nerd out there.
Access to community-only forums, a private LinkedIn group, students-only virtual events, and in-person happy hour, a.k.a. exclusive fun.
Independence from (or at least, better coordination with) graphic designers, saving your organization time and money, making you the organizational linchpin.
Go-To Leader status, which means you have critical talent, giving you a skilled job advantage and major attraction points.
Unlimited access. Come back anytime. Not making graphs for a couple months? No prob. We’re here when you need us.

While the Academy may seem like an amazing set of tutorials designed to teach you how to be a data viz whiz, it’s actually a career-changer.

Clearer data presentation generates efficient, effective conversations, the kind of clarity decision-makers are looking for. (I know because the C-Suite folks tell me!) Graphs that get attention, respect, and recognition actually make you a leader in your field.

Everyone can make great graphs. Step inside and I’ll show you how.


Becoming a member of the Academy has been one of the best choices of my professional life. I have been given a great set of resources to help move my district and my own career in a positive direction.

After living a data life full of tables, I went in and flipped them all over.

Cam Cross

This is what a data-driven culture looks like.

It’s kind of funny how, years ago, we all raced to become “data-driven” organizations. We cast our data nets wide and grabbed every data point we could. So much, in fact, that we began drowning in it. Good, clear, smart data visualization is the boat that keeps you afloat.

In some organizational cultures, it can be hard to convince your boss that investment in data visualization training is worthwhile. They may have built businesses and careers on the old way of reporting. But that old way doesn’t work anymore.


My supervisor and I agree that the work Stephanie is putting out is exactly what we need to learn to effectively and intentionally do our work. I haven’t been this engaged with my professional development in years! Stephanie has done a great job of building a safe learning community.

Tanya Montes

The smart, nimble, agile organizations I work with become the conversation changers. Joining the Academy takes teams to the next level, to the forefront of their field.

Organizations who embrace data visualization demonstrate higher impact, make decisions more efficiently, streamline conversations, and totally change their game.

Are you ready for the next level? Your team is.


I can’t tell you how valuable the year has been – and my project team agrees.
Our audience has noticed.

Both funder and local community recipients have commented that visualizations are delivering more accessible, actionable insights.

Mary Lisa Penilla

I’m sure you have questions. After all this is an investment.

Pick the payment method that works best for you.

Easy one-time payment

10 monthly payments
$200 per month

Enrollment requires a credit card. If you need an alternative arrangement, such as a purchase order, contact us.

Our payment plan doesn’t cost extra. Because you shouldn’t have to pay more just because you need to budget.

Wanna take a sneak peak?

Check out this 10-minute virtual tour of the Academy to learn about the tools you’ll get access to (Hello, Which Viz™ Quiz!) and the benefits you gain by joining us.

My story (probably feels familiar).

Back when I was at the university, I was a full-time researcher, big-time data nerd. I both worked on data all day and studied it all night, in my PhD program. And nowhere, in any of that coursework or professional development, did anyone ever teach me about how to actually present that data in a way that would be interpretable to other people. 

I was making stuff like this:

Not my finest moment.  

Looking back, I can see now that I was trying to visualize better. I knew not to have too many slices in my pie chart. But I lacked the solid skill set and practical instructions for actually creating data visualizations that my client and her stakeholders could easily digest and use for decision-making.

I needed the Academy. 


The Academy has changed my perspective. I have learned so much on how to visualize data more effectively and hold the audience’s attention.

My team is very happy with this creative way of presenting data, and so are our stakeholders. If I knew about The Academy before, I would have joined sooner!

Shahnaj B. Safi

If you want to continue making just slightly better tables with chi square values and moderately improved data visualization, like I was making when I first got started, don’t join. Go watch a cat video or something.

But if you want to skyrocket your team’s data visualizations into a useful, beautiful space, join now and you’ll never regret it. You’ll be making such impressive data visualizations that you’ll gain new clients and projects that will easily pay your small investment back many times over.

The Academy is where you end the inertia and make charming charts your new habit. 


The Academy has a vibrant, friendly community. Stephanie has created a space where equity and inclusivity are the norm.

My knowledge base has deepened so much that I consider many related visualizations within a single project before I even begin.

Sana Wilder

Let’s meet where you are. The Academy is the right fit for people who need to totally overhaul the way they think about data. But we have other programs that might be just what you need, right now.

Here’s a cheat sheet on how our programs compare.

Chart Starter Series
Best for people new to graphing who need to get oriented to a software program and learn the basics of amazing charts

Data Viz Academy
Best for people who are hungry to become the data visualization expert at the office & need broad, expansive knowledge of chart types & what works when
Length of access Come back anytime Come back anytime
Number of tutorials10200+
Payment plan available·
Worksheets and templates··
Research behind each chart choice··
Written step-by-step directions··
Digital certificate of completion··
Community forum for questions··
Office Hours help on data viz issues·
New content·
Private community forums·
Access to the Which Viz Quiz™·

Data nerds unite in the Academy.

You’ll learn how to simplify (but not dumb down) your data so it’s super clear to decision-makers. And you’ll do it with a crowd of other data nerds who have your back, ready to cheer you on. Come join us.

Need a printable/attachable description of the Academy for the powers-that-be? Download this.

Registration is now open, Babe!

This is when the trajectory of your career changes.

The VIP List is currently closed.

See you here on October 30 when enrollment opens to everyone! 🎉🪅💃🏼

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We will never share your information with anyone else. That would be gross. We will, however, send you the first notice about our next enrollment window dates. If you don’t sign up right away, you’ll get a couple of other emails while the enrollment window is open. We promise not to bug you and we promise to keep your personal information safe.

Hey friend!

I’m Dr. Stephanie Evergreen, author, data nerd, and founder of the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy. I’ve written three books on data visualization and intentional reporting.

I have the best job – travelling all over the world to work with organizations, from county level health departments to Fortune 100s, on how they can achieve their mission with better data communication. I originally created the Academy as a way to offer my sold-out workshop content to more people than I could ever see in person.

The data visualization strategies and training in the Academy have grown so large, it’s now way more than we could pack into a multi-day workshop.