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Effective Data Visualization

The Right Chart for the Right Data

Holy smokes! We have a second edition!

I wrote another book because I care about you. I know what it’s like looking at lovely data visualizations in the media and then looking back at your own data and knowing something could be better but not knowing exactly how to do it.

This book is your blueprint.

I walk you through how to choose the right chart with a super practical method. Then I show you how to make that chart, step-by-step, with screenshots and some loving guidance. Because I want you to be able to do create effective data visualization yourself, using tools you already own.

This second edition is now in full color AND has two totally new chapters. We have amassed the largest collection of QUALITATIVE visualization options ever published. And I’m giving you a full chapter on how to make interactive dashboards right inside Excel.

I want you to be a dataviz rockstar.

This book was the #1 New Release in Social Science on Amazon! Amazing!

Already have the book?

This practice file includes the same data I use for each graph in the book.

In the book, I mention that R is another popular graphing tool. We teach how to use R in the Data Viz Academy.

The Data Visualization Sketchbook

Build better work by sketching first

Ever have trouble getting started when you are staring down a blank screen? Me too. The fix? Sketch first.

The Data Visualization Sketchbook, the latest addition to my best selling arsenal of data viz tools, provides advice on getting started with sketching and offers tips, guidance, and completed sample sketches for a number of reporting formats including a project page, graphs, dashboards, a one-page handout, slide design, and a report structure.

I’ll show how sketching gives people the space to think through not just an individual graphic, but how several graphics could fit together in a composition when creating drafts for infographics and dashboards.

The book comprises six complete sets of report templates for you to sketch in and plan your own reporting, and it includes full color qualitative and quantitative Chart Choosers.

This must-have sketchbook helps readers realize mistakes, find solutions quickly, and report data by methods that keep audiences engaged and informed.

Presenting Data Effectively

Second Edition

Presenting Data Effectively was so popular, it is now in a second edition. 

This time around, you’re in for some big changes.

WE ARE IN FULL COLOR. Hallelujah! That alone is probably enough to justify a second edition of this book but it isn’t the only reason.

Ever since the first edition of this book published, my inbox has been flooded with requests from wonderful data nerds all over the globe, doing their best to present data effectively. I’ve logged so many miles traveling near and far to help. Nearly every client has asked hard questions, set their sights on lofty designs, and then asked “Can Microsoft Office do that?”

They have pushed me to invent more solutions, develop new frameworks for our thinking, and create more streamlined techniques. And you, Rockstar, have pushed yourself! You’ve written to me with your own hacks and tricks to make reporting ever better and I’m thrilled to feature the work of readers and clients throughout this second edition.

Join so many others who call this work “life changing.”

Interested in reading a sample of the content in Presenting Data Effectively? Head to my blog or watch the book trailer, illustrated and edited by Chris Lysy.