Have you ever signed up for an online course with really good intentions, only to find yourself barely checking in a couple months later? In The Evergreen Data Certification Program, we will not let you fade away.

When you commit to The Evergreen Data Certification Program, you earn a certification in data visualization, period. We’ll hold your hand (and hound you, if we have to) every step of the way. We are your partner in your growth and development as a data visualization guru.

In The Evergreen Data Certification Program, you’ll get targeted, boutique coaching on your data visualization projects, with certification waiting for you at the end. Your year in The Evergreen Data Certification Program will help you produce amazing visualizations, build your skill set and competitive edge, and get you recognized for your talents. 

How It Works

We’ll start with an initial assessment of your data visualization skills and help you plot out a personalized learning pathway through our Academy tutorials, all leading up to a portfolio review and certification at the end of the year.

You’ll be held accountable. Your Coach will check in with you at least every other week to help keep you on track through your learning and to support your ongoing data visualization projects. There are no chat bots here. All of our Coaches are actual human experts in data visualization.

Tip for Success: Use this opportunity to rock out some upcoming work projects.

Aside from this incredibly hands-on coaching experience, your year with a Coach will also include everything that comes with a traditional Evergreen Data Visualization Academy membership: monthly live Office Hours, active conversations in our private Facebook and Slack groups, fresh tutorials semi-monthly, private events, and members-only discounts on dataviz swag.

How You’ll Be Assessed

To gain certification and graduate from The Evergreen Data Certification Program, you’ll have to complete and demonstrate successful visualizations from 50 Academy tutorials, using any software – Excel, Tableau, R or a combination of those. You’ll have a core curriculum you must complete. Your Coach will work with you to choose from many elective tutorials until you reach 50. At least one must demonstrate automation, one must demonstrate interactivity, and one must demonstrate overall layout of multiple visuals. You’ll earn digital badges for each tutorial you complete and a paper certification at the end.

Tip for Success: Try to use data from your work or student life as you complete the tutorials, which gives you real work applicability and let’s you maximize your time.

No kidding – it will be an intense year. But it will be a do-able year because you’ll be part of a supportive and encouraging environment. We specifically have restricted enrollment and a low student-guide ratio in order to focus on your growth and walk with you as you achieve certification. 

How Much It Will Cost

Our years running the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy have taught us that some folks thrive best with a Coach. But we are shaping this program as we run it, so for this first year, we have pilot year pricing. You can earn certification with a Coach for $7,500. In exchange for this super low price, we’ll ask you for input about the program at various points, deal?

Tip for Success: Get your boss to sponsor your year with a Graph Guide. This is the least expensive, highest quality data visualization consulting you can find.

You should come learn with us because Evergreen Data is the only research-based virtual data visualization course. Hundreds of folks have already worked their way through our Academy, earning office accolades and promotions and guru status. They succeed because we know how to teach and we ESPECIALLY know how to teach data visualization. For the first time ever, you can now get hands-on, customized, personalized, structured, incredible data viz education. We are ready for you. You coming? 

When You Can Enroll

We’ll open enrollment to 12 people on April 1, 2020 for a program that runs May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021. Actually, people on our Academy wait list will get access to those 12 seats one week earlier – starting March 23. At that time, we’ll send you more details on the program, too.

How Our Academy Programs Compare

Here’s a cheat sheet on how our programs compare.

Chart Starter Series
Best for people new to graphing who need to get oriented to a software program and learn the basics of amazing charts

Data Viz Academy
Best for people who are hungry to become the data visualization expert at the office & need broad, expansive knowledge of chart types & what works when
Length of access Come back anytime Come back anytime
Number of tutorials10200+
Payment plan available·
Worksheets and templates··
Research behind each chart choice··
Written step-by-step directions··
Digital certificate of completion··
Community forum for questions··
Office Hours help on data viz issues·
New content·
Private community forums·
Access to the Which Viz Quiz™·

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