So, hey, heads up: The Chart Starter Series is probably not for you. If you know my work well, you are probably already a dataviz whiz. The Chart Starter Series is for your colleague. You know the one. The one who keeps asking you to make their graphs.

Tell them about a brand new Data Visualization Academy course: The Chart Starter Series


This series of 10 tutorials is perfect for people who know they need to learn how to make great data visualization but are barely familiar with Excel. I’ve curated the 10 lessons that I implement most frequently in the companies I consult.

Not ready for interactive dashboards? That’s ok! Take a strong yet baby step in the right direction with the Chart Starter Series of tutorials.

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Macros and coding are really cool but you don’t need to know anything about those to make high-impact data visualizations that will help you tell clear, compelling data stories. Come learn the basics in a software you already own.


The Chart Starter Series is a selected set of tutorials where we will hold your hand and guide you through effective graph making. You’ll feel like such a pro when you are done. 

Individual access to the Chart Starter Series is a one-time payment of $299. You can watch, rewind, practice, and watch again for as long as it takes you to master the skills. We’ll provide you with templates, worksheets, video guidance, a discussion forum, and more. 

Ready to do this?

Every day, the world fills with more and more data visualization that is so complex and intricate, it could be art that hangs on your wall. Cool! Not what your boss wants to see in those decision-making meetings! Join us to learn the skills that will make you look as awesome as you are.

And when you are ready to take a bigger leap into more complex graphing in Excel, when you are ready to explore Tableau or R, we will be here with the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy. And your entry fee into the Chart Starter Series will be discounted from a regular Academy membership.

Read more on the differences between the Chart Starter Series and the Academy or contact me with questions. 

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