The Data Visualization Academy is only open for enrollment twice a year. Come get select access to my best data visualization tutorials and advice.

Four years ago today, I took the leap from salaried employee to independent consultant. Since then, I’ve worked with scores of organizations to help them use their data as a tool to change culture and become a communication powerhouse. Today, on the anniversary of my independence day, I’m launching a new way to integrate my data visualization and design expertise into your organizational skill set. Welcome to the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy.


You ready for a big leap?

Well, this private membership site is designed to help you do it yourself. Inside, you’ll find the step by step instructions for creating completely stunning and memorable data visualizations right inside Excel. Working in R? I have that too. You’ll get video guidance on exactly how to execute each step of the process along with loads of real life case examples of how others have used these strategies to support decision making and get to action quickly.

If you dig hard,

you can probably find some of these instructions online somewhere for free (maybe – I don’t see much of this anywhere else). So if you have that kind of time on your hands, cheers. Some of these instructions are also in my latest book. In addition to finding all of that information in one place, membership in the Academy also buys you exclusive entry to our conversation threads, where you can seek advice about any point where you’re hung up, invites to special events (think: data nerd online parties) and exclusive webinars with me, learning from my research, and even a discount in our data nerd shop (data visualization valentines cards!)

I’ve loaded the site with a strong set of tutorials and will be releasing new material each month, progressing ever toward more complicated visuals like automated dashboards.

Important note

I’m only opening enrollment twice a year, each time only until we have 100 members. I want to be sure I can give members my attention and, though we’ve been beta testing for months, work out any kinks. Don’t delay. It’s time to start talking to the purchasing department now.

This is my biggest professional project and you’re going to love it.

Learn more about what you’ll get, how much it will cost, and why you should join. See you on the inside.

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