Every year at Evergreen Data continues to be the best year ever. When I was younger, I knew my dream job would include meaningful work, awesome people, data, writing, and travel. I just didn’t know at the time how to put all of those things together in one place. Thank you for helping me make it all come true.

In the next month, I’ll be launching a new way to help you make it all come true, too.

In the meantime, my look back on 2017 includes great workshops in both Alaska and Hawaii, way too much time on Twitter, and a growing Data Visualization Academy. I get a lot of questions about my work so I’ve posted some FAQs below.

Most parts of the report are click-able. And, as with past years, this template is yours to use. I constructed it in PowerPoint and embedded it here using OneDrive so you should be able to download a copy. Keep in mind that you likely won’t have my specialized fonts and that the graphs and map are images. But I hope this can give you a headstart on your own one page reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When can I get in the Academy? This is on my professional development plan for 2018.

A. We open enrollment twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Exact dates aren’t set just yet but those who are on the wait list will get advance notice and an opportunity to enroll early.

Q. Where do you get the most work?

A. There isn’t one particular industry. I work with everyone from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 to government at every level. But, looking at the map, work does tend to come from cities around the perimeter of the United States (kind of – Colorado has a coast line in this hex map). Looking back over the maps from previous annual reports, I see an opportunity to grow more visualization and intentional design skills in places I haven’t traditionally reached as much. I’ll be partnering with some great people to bring workshops to Chicago and Kansas City in 2018.

Q. That’s a lot of miles, girl.

A. I know! And I fell short of the highest tier of Delta frequent flyer status by just one or two flights. And then I laughed at myself because why is that important?

Q. How do you manage to write so much?

A. The process is different for everyone but for me it is a matter of scheduling time with my butt in my chair. I block out the time in my calendar like it was a project or a class. Then I tweet for 30 minutes and then I feel bad and start writing. HOWEVER, that time with butt in chair is productive because my mind is already so full of what to say because I’ve been thinking about my writing and coming up with ideas because I spend a lot of time not writing and not working so my brain is free. So get off your phone and go for a walk, eh?

Happy new year.

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