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It’s Time for a Change

People are judging you by the way your data looks. They’re judging your quality, your credibility, and your professionalism. Determining whether they should ever work with you again. Deciding whether they should tell their friends about you. Casting off your ideas… or hooked onto your every word. 

Great data visualization makes people pay attention.

Back when I was a full-time researcher, I was shackled to our office’s slide and report templates. They looked like they came right out of 1986. Because – you know what? – they did. Seriously, Sally made them in 1986 and no one had modernized them since. I was embarrassed to put my work out there because the packaging was making me look amateur. And boring. Can you relate? 

You are not amateur. Or boring. 

Let’s Talk.

Together, we can make your reports, slides, and data visualizations look just as powerful and heavy hitting as you are.

You just need a total refresh so that your audience says “OMG, this is amazing!” (Real talk – people say this to my other clients all the time.) My team and I have your back.

We partnered with a graphic designer on this project at Drexel University that made their annual report look so good, they won an award. 

It’s a case study in how to make a long report a billion times more engaging. Take notes, honey.

We aren’t a graphic design firm. We are a data studio.

  • Typical graphic designers work in speciality software, such that if you ever need to fix even a single typo, you have to call them back up and pay them more money. That’s not how we work.
  • We design using programs you already own, like PowerPoint, so that our work is fully editable by you when you need to make future updates. Work with us once and get a re-usable template. It’s like a gift to your future self.
  • Typical design studios aren’t run by PhDs.
  • We are big-time data nerds around here, which means our designs are rooted in the research. Have you ever seen graphic designers make text so teeny tiny, white font on a light pink background, that it made you feel like your eyes were going bad? That’s because they are driven by what they think looks good, not by the studies that show it causes eye strain.
  • Typical graphic designers are uncomfortable around data.
  • I can’t blame them – data visualization is not a part of graphic design curriculum. That’s why you’ll see gorgeous report layouts with hella ugly pie charts. We do your data justice so that you end up getting the attention you deserve and making the change the world needs.

Design-y graphs made by people who don’t understand data leave you falling so short of the mark.

Smart choices in chart type, colors, and titles take this from “oh, okay” to “WHOA, look at this!”

Let’s extend your thinking beyond the usual suspects and add some high-powered chart choices into your mix.

You’ll freakin love the makeover we gave this data.

What To Expect

We set up a call to talk deadline, budget, and boundaries. Then you sit back while we develop a handful of options for you (this process is so much easier when you have something to react to). You review our alternatives with your team, picking and choosing the elements you like. We pull your top choices together into a design you love. 

What problems can you send our way? We design reports, slideshows, handouts, dashboards, and charts so you have a consistent, high-quality, totally engaging look and feel to everything that your organization generates.

I’ll coach your team as you all put our designs into practice until intentional communication and data visualization are a part of your culture. It’s just what you do. 

This is a like design therapy, where we rehab your data and support you afterwards until your team is able to run on their own into superstardom.

Working with us is a process. Not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. It takes time. That’s why we only partner with 4 or 5 people each year. If you need something next week, you are on the wrong website. 

What You Get


  • nailing that presentation so hard, your boss asks you for your slides. 
  • winning an award in your industry for the quality of your reporting. 
  • seeing your data getting picked up by national news.
  • getting calls from new partners who want to work with you.
  • making better decisions and getting smarter products to market, faster.

These dreams all became reality for my clients. 

Intentional data visualization and design change the way your team talks to each other.

You make faster decisions, move more efficiently, make your customers happy, and get more money.

Dream come true, right?

This is how you build a real data-driven company.

When you win, it makes my heart sing. I’ve already got my hand in the air, waiting for your victorious high five. 

This level of game change can happen to you, too. Get in touch and let’s get to work.

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