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Templates & Custom Design Services for Data Visualization, Slides, & Reports

It’s Time for a Change

If you are reading this, you probably know something about how presenting data better leads to a reputation for being professional, cutting edge, and thankfully clear. Often times, smart people know that things could be better, but they are locked in to using tired templates and Excel default graphs. At Evergreen Data Design Studio, we give your work a look that matches the pro you are.

What You Need

  1. A hunger to be the best
  2. Microsoft Office (yep, we do this all using the tools you already own)
  3. A budget – let’s talk

Let’s Talk.

Together, we can make your reports, slides, and data visualizations look just as powerful and heavy hitting as you are.

What You Get

When you engage with Evergreen Data, I’ll take you through my Six Steps to Independence design services process, wherein I’ll work with you to revise your existing communications and support you afterwards until your team is able to run with it into superstardom.

Typically this process involves an initial consultation with Dr. Stephanie Evergreen, who will then serve as architect of your new look and feel with the support of a team of designers. We provide redesigned report, slide, handout, and chart templates for a consistent, high-quality, totally engaging look and feel to everything that your organization generates. One-off custom slideshows and collateral are also often included.

Most organizations have a style guide that determines how staff develop communications on their own … but does it address data visualizations?

We build off of existing house rules (pushing back – gently – only as needed) to create a style guide for data that explains how to choose and make the right chart type and how to format it so it best tells your point. Staff will have a handy reference for independent data presentation development.

Beyond that, I’ll coach your team through implementation until intentional communication and data visualization are a part of your culture. It’s just what you do.

Look at these examples of design makeovers to see what Evergreen Data can do for you.

How It Works

Yes, I’ll equip you with slides that make people pay attention and data visualizations that compel your audience to ask for your templates. But our work together doesn’t stop there. The biggest, most important impacts that I see? Organizational change. Community leadership. Faster, targeted decision-making. It’s a thing of beauty. Check out how this has happened with some of my past clients.

This slice comes from a larger infographic that showed health data for a state health department. They had richer conversations with more partners as a result.
Our slide makeovers at Verizon helped them see insights that were previously hidden, leading to faster decision-making and a better culture.

This makeover of a sales slide show from a Fortune 500 had them looking professional and clear.

You have to see this dashboard redesign that wowed the board of directors and changed the level of the conversation at a major US foundation.

This level of game change can happen to you too. Get in touch and let’s get to work.

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