Election Night Trap Map

Election Night Trap Map

Since none of us can escape election coverage, no doubt you’ve seen voter and poll data displayed on some unusual maps. 538 is showing electoral votes as a hex map (made up of hexagons) and the Wall Street Journal did the same as a tile map (made up of tiles, or squares). The general idea is that our traditional map gives a lot of visual weight to places that are geographically large, like Montana, even though there are few people and electoral votes there. By giving states the same size, visual interpretation is a little easier.

I created a Trap Map, where each state is a trapezoid. Also because Trap Map is a pretty cool name.


At my house, we have printed several trap maps and gathered our red and blue crayons to keep track as the election results roll in tomorrow night.

You can play along too. Download the Trap Map. I hear coloring eases anxiety.


7 thoughts on “Election Night Trap Map
  1. Mitch Scoggins says:

    Maybe this year we’ll finally have a use for our yellow crayons.

  2. Corey Smith says:

    Going to an election party at Hopcat tonight. Will bring one of these for each of my friends! We need an adjoined electoral college guide so we can also keep a running tally, but I guess we’re on our own for that ;).

    • Stephanie Evergreen says:

      I’m 100% certain every news org will remind you repeatedly how many electoral votes are assigned to each state 🙂
      Cheers! Love Hopcat!

  3. Susan Wolfe says:

    This is way too clever! A wonderful tension buster for what has been a stressful election season. I am looking forward to using it to track results.

    • Stephanie Evergreen says:

      Thanks and me too. That’s why I had to give it away, even if it isn’t perfect. I needed to bust some tension!

  4. Pat Evans says:

    Watching from north of the border, we share your anxiety. Thanks for the map – colouring (yes, up here in Canada we spell it the British way) is very therapeutic!

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Awesome! Let me know how it goes. Maybe I can swing by next time I'm in Portland.

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New Post: How We Unintentionally Perpetuate Inequality Part 3 #dataviz