Data Nerd Valentine’s Cards

Data Nerd Valentine’s Cards

Is your sweetheart a little on the data nerd side? I mean, aren’t we all? Here’s the perfect way to show your honey how much you appreciate him or her – even when buried in a statistics book. Data Nerd Valentine’s Cards.

Like my Data Nerd Holiday Cards, these are available through Red Bubble, who will ship with envelopes and give discounts on bulk orders (though I guess if you need to bulk order for Valentine’s maybe we need to talk). UNLIKE the holidays cards, some of these may be, uh, a little not suitable for work. Click a card to head to its order page.





Shout out owed to Ryan, who helped me invent these over tequila. Extra shout out owed to John, who invented the EVALentine’s holiday two years ago and had me thinking about ways to celebrate ever since.

2 thoughts on “Data Nerd Valentine’s Cards
  1. Dawn Smart says:

    Love them!

  2. Kim Brunnert says:

    These are GREAT! So glad I saw you present and found my way here.

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@John_Gargani Kia ora! Sounds like you rocked your keynote, as usual.

RT @Nan_Wehipeihana: Countering evaluation invisibility David Stuart Taking evaluation data to the street #anzea2015

@jlaskovsky can't wait to see it. Cheers!

RT @RakeshMohanEval: Words could generate powerful effects if... How #dataviz started at @Idaho_OPE: @evergreendata

@jlaskovsky not the chart chooser, please. everything else sounds awesome! and thanks for asking first!

RT @cesnl1: .@evergreendata offers some simple ways to punch up powerpoint problems! #eval #dataviz

Such a pleasure!

I'm pretty sure the look on my face is "good god, what have you done?" & how fun the camera man could catch that.

Today with @ZenexF will be so fun. Turning everyone into #dataviz nerds.