Data Nerd Holiday Cards

Data Nerd Holiday Cards

Do you sit around with your data nerd friends and come up with funny statistics- and data visualization-based jokes? No? Maybe it’s just me. But to your benefit! I illustrated those nerd jokes and put them on holiday cards, available on Redbubble. Click the pic to go shopping.

Here’s one for your favorite data nerd sweetheart:

allIWantCardHere’s one for your dataviz friends (note the acceptable use of a pie chart):

NewYearsWishCardAnd one more for your clients, to remind them that you are not just any nerd, but a humorous and thoughtful one at that:


You can order 4″ x 6″ postcards, 4″ x 6″ greeting cards, or 5″ x 7.5″ greeting cards and Redbubble will include your envelopes, too. And they’ll discount 30% if you order 16 or more.

3 thoughts on “Data Nerd Holiday Cards
  1. Susan Eliot says:

    Your creativity is boundless Stephanie! What an amazing marriage of right and left brain thinking. I love your humble perspective.

  2. Hillary says:

    These are awesome! We are actually working on a data driven holiday message inspired by your presentation a few weeks back. Thanks!

  3. Patti says:

    LOVE these! Gave me an idea for an animated one for my clients!


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