Announcing Chart Chooser Cards

Announcing Chart Chooser Cards

Update: After a successful Kickstarter campaign where we raised over 1,000% of our goal, the cards are in production and you can now order a deck, an infographic, and our templates from our permanent website. Thanks for your support, lovely people.


Chart Chooser cards are simple and easy to use. They help you choose the best type of chart to display and format your data.


Each chart card shows you the common name of the chart type, a description, a visual example, when it is used, and what type of data set it’s best for.

The chart chooser deck has 51 cards, including 33 chart types organized into 6 data categories to help you quickly sort through the noise. 13 bonus cards help you sort through what people are looking for in data, and how to format your chart.


I’ve been using these cards in my data visualization workshops. They are an awesome tool to narrow down the wide world of chart choices and identify the right one for your data.

Want a deck? The cards are now available as part of a Kickstarter campaign. We offer different pricing levels with all kinds of awesome swag, including:

An infographic of the chart types available in the Chart Chooser Cards

An Excel file with every single graph within the deck, already made and ready for your data

A Tableau file with every single graph within the deck (Bless you, Andy Kriebel!)

One-year of access to my currently-closed-to-enrollment Data Visualization Academy

With all of these tools as your fingertips, you’re well on your way to being a Data Visualization Rockstar! Check out your options on the Kickstarter page.

31 thoughts on “Announcing Chart Chooser Cards
  1. Nic Bookman says:

    Sa-weeeeeeet! Ordered.

  2. Chris Thompson says:

    I like this idea! I noticed that you listed access to the Data Visualization Academy as one of the options (based on how much you pledge). Does that mean you are granted access when you pledge? Or when the next window of openings comes up?

  3. Maria Whitsett says:

    Just a question, Stephanie, and forgive me for not having opened the Kickstarter page to see if this is already addressed there. Would there be a possibility of a discount on the cards, if someone’s already paid the $600 for the Data Visualization Academy?

    • Stephanie Evergreen says:

      Hi Maria, good question but the answer is not at this time. People who choose the Academy Kickstarter option won’t get in til December so your advantage is becoming a dataviz ninja months earlier.

    • Stephanie Evergreen says:

      Discounts for Academy members coming soon!

      • Andrew says:

        Yay! I’m a member and would love to be able to buy the poster that comes from the $90 level. Please let us know if members will get a discount code for Kickstarter to reduce how much we pay for each perk level, or if we will have some other way to purchase the cards (or whatever else) individually at a discounted price.
        Thank you!

  4. Pavel says:

    Hello, Stephanie!
    I hope there will be an opportunity for oversees delivery! And I have some questions as the dot plot card is published on the website. It states that the dot plots are designed for “comparing multiple values for two or more categories”. Sorry for my confusion, the number of values is equal to the number of dots, isnt’t it? and the number of categories is equal to the number of rows, right? However, in your blog you are always using dot plots for comparison between 2 percentages, between different categories, e.g. pre-test and post-test marks. Is it OK to use dot plots for comparing a non-prcentage value, i.e. Profits and Losses in $ or this graph is OK just for percentages? I saw some example in the internet of a non-percentage comparison, but those graph do not look as cool as dot plots with percentage values. Thank you!

  5. John Gandy says:

    Will the cards be made available internationally, after the Kickstarter ends?

  6. Nick Visscher says:

    Sweet! Supported the Kickstarter for the deck of cards + excel file… Any word on when things will ship?

  7. Trina Willard says:

    Argh!! Did the Kickstarter already close? I want those cards! (And the template. And maybe the Data Viz Academy!)

  8. Cheryl Arndt says:

    Like Trina. I’m a little late to the party. Any options for those of use who seem to have missed it? Thanks

    • Stephanie Evergreen says:

      We will have an independent website up soon but in the meantime, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the long list of others who are ready for cards now!

  9. erin malone says:

    I am interested in getting this set – plus the posters – for a class I am teaching. I missed the kickstarter timeline. How do I get these?

  10. Karen Sterling says:

    I was part of the Kickstarter but see there is no access to the Academy yet. Any idea of when that will be available?

  11. Janet Woolum says:

    I purchased a set of cards and poster early on in the Kickstarter campaign. Love them! Now I’d like to get the templates. How can I order only the templates? Thanks!

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