Qualitative Viz

Without a doubt, qualitative data visualization is an area in need of significant development and new ideas. At Evergreen Data, we are at the forefront, introducing the first qualitative chart chooser and offering detailed instruction on how and when to use these visuals.

For even more qualitative visual options AND the step-by-step instructions on how to make them, check out Chapter 8 in Effective Data Visualization. The latest edition of the Qualitative Chart Chooser is on the inside back cover.

Learn in the Academy!

You can find step-by-step video instructions on how to make 60+ awesome visuals in Excel, Tableau, and R through my Evergreen Data Visualization Academy.

Enrollment opens to a limited number of students only twice a year. Get on the wait list to be notified of our next enrollment window. Come join our super supportive community.

Master Viz with Graph Guides!

Our newest program, Graph Guides, is a custom-built, year-long sprint through 50 Academy tutorials, based on an assessment of your current data viz skill set.

We only open enrollment to 12 students at a time. Get on the wait list for a heads up about your next chance to gain a competitive edge. Your Graph Guide will hold your hand as you blaze your way to new talents.