Everyone wants a dashboard. But making a GOOD dashboard can be as hard as snagging a selfie with Beyonce.

The friction I see most often is because the dashboard software is confusing to use. It’ll get you feeling like you’re groping around in the dark for the light switch.

And then, once you do fumble through how to crack out a chart, the software’s default formatting is so limited that you end up with a dashboard that falls short of the stellar spectacle your CEO was anticipating.

IMHO, this is especially the case with Power BI.

My private workshop clients have been asking for training in making Evergreen-style Power BI dashboards for years. We’ve tested these lessons to make sure they are clear, focused, and efficient. We are finally ready to introduce…

The Power BI Chart Starter Series.

The Power BI Chart Starter Series is a set of 10 tutorials that take you from What Am I Doing Here? to Bask In The Glow Of My Awesome Dashboard. While Power BI has a ton of capability, this curated set of lessons is right-sized to give you exactly what you need to know to get a gorgeous dashboard up and running.

If you’ve never opened Power BI before – or if you opened it, clicked a few buttons, and then shut it down – this is your walk down the red carpet (I mean, this is as close as you get to a selfie with Beyonce). We’ll orient you to what (the heck!) you are looking at and how to get started graphing.

You’ll make essential graphs, as Evergreened as possible given Power BI’s constraints. Our graph tutorials even contain optional bonus moves, like baby steps into data modeling to do even more with your chart, if you want to go there and earn extra gold stars in my heart.

When I teach people about making graph titles that tell the story of the data, the top interruption is to declare “well that isn’t possible when the data in the chart dynamically change, like in a dashboard.” Oh friend, that’s fake news. This chart starter series includes a BOSS tutorial on how to create dynamic chart titles that change as your data changes.

We round out this series with a class on building a dashboard in Power BI. Even though they don’t call it a “dashboard” and the thing they DO call a “dashboard” is not what you would think it is. Why’s it gotta be so confusing, Power BI? We’ll help you sort it out and publish the dang thang.

As with every Chart Starter Series we offer, you’ll get my cornerstone tutorial on how to strategically think about the way you communicate your data. I’ll take you through my 4 Step Process that gives you a structured sequence of steps to follow, producing an amazing chart every single time.

A student in my Data Viz Academy just finished this tutorial and said, “I wasn’t expecting to have such a thoughtful discussion with my data as I looked at a chart I could create!” Yep. This tutorial is transformational.

You feel like such a rockstar when you finish these 10 key lessons. After this, the next time someone asks you for a dashboard, you’re going to say, “Oh hi Power BI!”

You’ll have lifetime access to these tutorials, so no pressure, no rush. Come back anytime.

Maybe, at some point, you’ll even want to step further into data visualization and try out more advanced vizzing in Power BI or branch out your skills to additional dataviz software. Cool. You can take the price of your Chart Starter enrollment off of registration in the Evergreen Data Visualization Academy.

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