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Holiday Swag for Your Favorite Data Nerd

Introducing new designs on practical, household items. I’m talking about graphs on flasks! Your favorite data nerd is going to love one of these. BAM shopping done. Both designs says “DRINKS FOR DATA NERDS.” They have a y-axis which is the amount of liquid remaining in the flask and an x-axis called “my condition.” The difference is the data points. They both cracked me up so I just made two designs for you to choose from. Maybe you need to sneak one into your next conference. Click a picture to head to the order page.
Drinks for Data Nerds Flask 2
Special bonus: I’ll send a few of my favorite data nerd drink recipes to anyone who orders a flask! Anyone care for a Statistically Significant Salty Dog? That’s Evergreen Data – bringing a whole different kind of cheer to your holiday season.
I mean, you *could* send data nerd flasks to all of your clients and you would surely be either rad or fired. But it might be better to take a safer route and send them all holiday cards. Click a picture to head to the order page. I released a new design as a greeting card and as a postcard:
And these other tried and true designs have been bought by the bucketload and sent to happy clients who now see the sender (could be you!) as charming and thoughtful. Just the way to start a new year.  All I Want Holiday Card
Spread cheer, give thanks, and kick more ass in 2016. I love you.

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