Your Data Viz Checklist Scores

48 / 48 or 100%

Great charts score 85% or higher

Fully Met

Partially Met

Not Met

Not Applicable

6-12 word title is left-justified in upper left corner.
Subtitle and/or annotations provide additional information
Text size is hierarchical and readable
Text is horizontal
Data are labeled directly
Labels are used sparingly
Proportions are accurate
Data are intentionally ordered
Axis intervals are equidistant
Graph is two-dimensional
Display is free from decoration
Color scheme is intentional
Color is used to highlight key patterns
Color is legible when printed in black and white
Color is legible for people with colorblindness
Text sufficiently contrasts background
Gridlines, if present, are muted
Graph does not have border line
Axes do not have unnecessary tick marks or axis lines
Graph has one horizontal and one vertical axis
Graph highlights significant finding or conclusion
The type of graph is appropriate for data
Graph has appropriate level of precision
Individual chart elements work together to reinforce the overarching takeaway message