Crash Course in Chart Choosing

Crash Course in Chart Choosing

It used to be that we thought we had about four graph types to work with: pie, bar, line, and maybe a scatterplot (if you were doing really advanced analysis).

Nowadays, our options for chart choices are so large that most people don’t know where to start.

And if you ask data viz experts “what’s the best chart type?” they’ll tell you “It depends.”

But don’t you wanna know what it depends on?

So, come to class and get a crash course in chart choosing.

WHEN: Monday October 3 at noon Eastern. Convert this to your time zone here.

WHERE: Zoom, babe.

HOW: Register below and I’ll send you the login details.

I’ll set up our chart choice decision-making by teaching you the three factors to consider before opening up that graph software.

Then we’re gonna take a spin through some chart options, discussing how to navigate the decisions and arrive at the best choice for your data. I promise you’ll learn about chart types you haven’t seen before and you’ll walk away with new ideas to try out.

In this class, I’ll teach data-driven decision-making for chart selection, so you’ve got strong options for transforming the way you communicate data.

This is the stuff students learn inside my Data Visualization Academy, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it because that’s also where we show you, step-by-step, how to make all these awesome new choices you’ll have.

And yes, this class will be recorded and I’ll make the recording available for a few days. But if I was you, I’d plan to come live so you can ask me questions. That’s the fun stuff.