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I hereby declare a vote that all conferences occurring in November must be held in a place where average November temps are above 60. All in favor say "aye!"…

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When Will Bad Infographics End?

When Will Bad Infographics End?

Back in November of **2010** I set up a Google Alert for "infographic." Oh, I thought, these are an interesting development in how we communicate data. But either the quality of the design will drastically improve or these things will be a fad that disappears within a...

Excel vs. Tableau vs. R

Excel vs. Tableau vs. R

We are hard core believers that you should become the master of the tools you own. If your company relies on Microsoft, figure out how to use Excel to make amazing data visualizations. If your company invested in a site-wide license for Tableau, climb over that...

Audience Engagement Strategies

Audience Engagement Strategies

Dr. Sheila Robinson is a master at engaging an audience. She’s honed this skill through decades of work in education where you have to know how to take the pulse of a room and determine whether a change in direction is needed to keep the group tuned in. You might...