I have a big ask. I want you to set aside three and a half minutes of your life (I know that’s a gajillion years these days) to watch Mike Morrison. I promise, he’ll make your heart sing.

Mike’s right. The way we talk about data has to change.

Mike’s on a mission to revive the conference poster format. And since conferences seem like they’re coming back in-person, it’s time to upgrade your poster design skills.

If the first video had you nodding your head in agreement, spend a little more time to learn about the Better Posters revolution.

In Mike’s Better Poster format, he encourages one really LARGE title for your poster that’s comprised of a full sentence, stating the takeaway idea from your study. No more academic, generic titles.

Then he suggests one central image (and this is where he points people to me to learn more about good data visualization).

The central image is supported with a slim column of text giving the traditional research poster scoop: the background, methods, analysis, etc just super abbreviated.

Then a QR code so a visitor can grab your full paper.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Poster title says "To produce more Black economists, the profession must provide support for programs that have a history of producing Black economists, especially Black women."

That’s the sexiest academic conference poster title I’ve ever seen.

Check out the 1-2 punch of titles in this next one:

Poster title says "Participation in Canadian provincial charitable agricultural donation tax incentives is dismal. These incentives have questionable efficacy."

Crystal-clear titles in a large font with some accompanying graphic – that’s the milkshake that’s gonna bring all the conference goers to your yard. People will leave that conference remembering your face, your name, and your research.

When you’re ready to replicate this magic, Mike has made it SO EASY. You can download his poster templates here. Plug and play, babe.

He’s even made a hard-to-argue-with video to help you convince your colleagues that it’s time to join the Better Poster revolution.

We ride at dawn.

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