Announcing: The Evergreen Empire

I was vacationing lake-side with my family, awake at 3am with an idea for a brand new business. I just couldn’t shake it and get back to sleep.

I found a stack of rainbow colored post it notes in the kitchen drawer of the Airbnb and by the time my family woke up I had sketched out the details.

Then I did approximately NOTHING for, like, 4 months.

I got scared. That I wouldn’t have anything unique to offer. That I couldn’t manage adding one more thing, as cool as it is, to my life. That no one would be interested in buying from me. That I wouldn’t be able to do it right.

Yes, even after launching multiple businesses, writing several books, and leading a 7-figure company, you can still get imposter syndrome.

Are you relating to this?

I had to tackle some major mindset issues (that I can’t WAIT to tell you about) before I finally did the thing. I bought the URL.

Screenshot of tweet where I say "I bought the URL for a new adventure this morning. *deep breath*"

Here it is >>>>> <<<<<

The thing that finally shook me out of my worries is this: At the core, I want you to be compensated well for doing the work you love. My mission is to teach you how to grow your own 6- and 7-figure business.

You’ve got an idea that’s going to change the world, even if it’s just a tiny corner of the world.

Maybe your idea is already in action and your business is running but it’s not bringing you the joy and cash flow you need for a full and happy life.

Maybe you hatched your idea, like me, but it’s still nesting in your heart, waiting for your mindset issues to get out of the way.

Maybe you are referring to yourself as a “freelancer” and wondering how you’ll ever get to six figures.

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been there. And I’ve mentored others who have been there.

So here’s my plan (inscribed in the front of my business journal):

Entrepreneur embarks on a mission to create 100 new millionaires.

Want to come along?

I’m building out the course now, pouring out everything I know about how to build an Evergreen Empire.

If the idea of an empire brings to mind this:

or this

I get it. But that’s not an Evergreen Empire. Over here, we are reinvesting our income back into our communities, building intergenerational wealth, and keeping our values at the core of our companies.

We can rake it in without breaking our souls.

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*deep breath*

Taking a big step is HARD but it is so much easier when you can follow the people ahead of you and do it together.

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