2019 Call for Mentees

Did you see Vice? There’s a scene (this is no spoiler) in which a young Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia share a sickening laugh as they agree to an interpretation of the Constitution that allowed a massive power grab for a president. It’s gross. It’s cringe-y.

The most disturbing thing about it is that it is just another moment in a long history of an imbalanced power dynamic that vests more authority in certain sections of American society, every day, even today. Though we have strength in numbers found in movements like #metoo and #timesup and #inclusionrider, we who have been traditionally excluded from the old boys’ network have to do more to teach each other how to kick more ass.

And that’s why last year I launched the Evergreen Mentoring Program. It is specifically aimed at mentoring women who want to be better at running their own companies. It has gone really well. So well that I’m really sad my year with these people is ending. Here is how the year impacted them:

Stephanie’s mentorship has been instrumental in both my growth during my transition to becoming an entrepreneur and developing my personal brand. While this past year could be best described like being on a rollercoaster with a blindfold on and not knowing when I would get off, I could always find solace in having Stephanie and the rest of the mentoring group as a sounding board. Responsive. Resourceful. Candid. Stephanie is all these things and more. And I feel truly lucky to be part of such as an amazing group.


The only limitation on what you can get out of this process is what you’re willing to put in. My only regret is not finding more time to devote to the mentoring group.
Stephanie is unfailingly encouraging, responsive, and thoughtful in her feedback. It is clear that she is not offering “canned” responses but a creative mind fully engaged in each of our processes.
The camaraderie of the group has been a gift in my life. There’s nothing like having someone (or a whole group of someones!) in your corner when taking a leap into the unknown.
This group has pushed me to do many uncomfortable – and ultimately rewarding – tasks that I would not have otherwise undertaken. This year has transformed my thinking, and I look forward to seeing how this experience bears fruit in the future.
I cannot recommend Stephanie and the mentoring group highly enough. I would participate again in a heartbeat.


Are you with me? Need more convincing?

This program gave me the camaraderie, feedback, and guidance I needed to stay sane while growing my business. Stephanie handpicked a group of women I could trust to cheer me on, help me clarify my thinking, and give me a boost when things were hard. In addition, she gave actionable advice born from years of experience, and was incredibly generous with her time. Together, this group pushed me to move past my stuck points–especially those around money. If you’re looking for a supportive community of principled, resourceful, talented women to push you and your business forward, look no further.

Michelle B

I was introduced to a group of wonderful ladies who were not only willing to give advice, but also open to sharing their own challenges. Together, we realized our businesses are works in progress that need to be nurtured. Stephanie Evergreen really pushed us to pause and consider what we want our lives to look like, and how our businesses could help us get there. It’s really easy to focus on the projects at hand and to feel isolated when you’re building a business. This gave me a support system and allowed me to make time to look at the big picture. I’m really grateful to have shared this experience with a group of strong women that were willing to answer my questions and allowed me to take a peek behind all the awesome work they are doing. Instead of feeling isolated, I felt inspired every time I checked in.

Michelle M

Want to learn from me and a group of like-minded females?

What it will involve

A 1-year commitment, starting March 1, 2019.

Regular communication (meaning daily, weekly) on Slack (I’ll show you how to set up) around a new topic each month. The exact agenda will be set based upon the needs and interests of the women selected for the program. Right now, the agenda includes: figuring out your focus, knowing what to charge, branding, marketing, all the dirty behind the scenes details of running a business, centering your ethics, choosing clients, project management, hiring a team, and what to wear.

Really brutally honest conversation. I’m going to challenge you a lot. You’ll need to be comfortable sharing private details like your hourly rate, for example. Likewise, strict confidentiality is absolutely non-negotiable.

Quarterly virtual group conversations on Skype. I don’t have time to waste and neither do you so it won’t be a bunch of chit-chat on Skype, it’ll be critical check-ins where we discuss recent monthly topics, how you are progressing in these areas, and how business-building is going.

A $20 per month financial commitment. This isn’t so you pay my bills. This is so you have a little skin in the game and are more likely to make the commitment to participate regularly.

Scripts, email templates, and other forms of support to set you up for success (based off of the very same things my mentors gave to me).

Who should apply

You identify as female and are in the early stages of starting a business. You should have more than a dream of starting a business. You should be on the ground, running it, or ready to do within the very near future. It doesn’t have to be your full time job.

You should be interested in learning how to run a successful business. I WILL NOT teach you how to do data visualization. That’s not what this is about at all. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. You do not necessarily have to be a running the business by yourself. This does not have to be your first career. I don’t care how old you are.

You can commit to regularly asking questions, doing a bit of homework, and responding to others. Perhaps up to 30 minutes a week.

How to apply

Send me an email, in which you tell me:

A little about you, your background, your identity

The stage of your business (there are not hard definitions around this, so just describe where you’re at)

Why you want to be a part of this

That you can commit to the time and financial expense I’m laying out here

Email it all to me by February 14.

Then what

I’ll select 4 women by February 28. Everyone will get a reply from me no matter what.

The 5 of us dive in on March 1.

With gratitude for the mentors who have come before me and with hope that we can build a better world,


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