Keynotes & Workshops

Bad graphs lose hearts, minds, & wallets.

There’s a PowerPoint handout buried in the back of your filing cabinet that you are never going to look at again. You know I’m right.

Here’s the thing: Your data is gathering dust in someone else’s filing cabinet, too.

Bad graphs get ditched or deleted because they confuse your audience, slow down decision-making, and make you look like you’re stuck in 1995 (but, hey, maybe fitting into those jeans).

Great data viz, on the other hand, changes people.

Clear and engaging graphs make people think – and rethink. They win more hearts than Harry Styles at the Grammys.

Listen, it’s super common to feel intimidated by nice-looking design. That slick slideshow you saw from that consultant – you might think you could never do that. But let me tell you what I know for sure.

Everyone can make great graphs.


Qualitative data doesn’t get the same visual love as quantitative. It can seem like our only option is the good ol word cloud. Until now.

I’ve compiled the largest known collection of qualitative chart options and this workshop will introduce you to all of them. You’ll get my revamped qualitative chart chooser, which will make it easier for you to explore effective qualitative visual options.

We’ll visualize some of your qualitative data and you’ll impress yourself with how easy and effective this can be. Adding these visuals to your knowledge bank will give you new ways to tell stories and get people engaged with your data.

Snag a Handout!

We break fire code with all the people who cram in the room to see me talk.

If you missed seeing me in person,


In a keynote address, I light a fire under your audience so they leave hungry to better visualize data.

We address how data visualization is saving the world and the public’s data literacy is growing rapidly, so if you want to meet the moment, you’ll need to use data viz to save your corner of the world, too.


In workshops for data consumers, I teach you what to look for in data and how to pull together the evidence your team generates into clear messages that support decision-making.

In fact, you’ll send me some of your current work and I’ll redesign it to illustrate exactly what better data visualization can do for you. You can’t unsee the power of clear graphs after this.

I’ve got even more free resources for you.

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In workshops for data analysts, I teach you the tested-and-perfected process we use here at Evergreen Data to make graphs that tell a story, every single time.

Within the first hour of the workshop, you’ll already be rethinking every chart you ever made. And it only gets richer from there.

We use your own data and the tools you have – Excel, Tableau, Power BI, even Google Sheets if that’s all you’ve got – to make amazing charts – the kind of thing your audience will print out and post on their office walls.

These data visualization techniques will change your life (honestly – people say this to me regularly). But it’s much more than that.

This is about building something bigger.

If you’re just looking for someone to tell you how to make a chart, you can find that anywhere. Dozens of people teach those skills.

When you work with me, you get group-level empowerment. It’s really cool, actually, to see dozens of people collectively wake up and smell the data roses. I love my job.

Group-level empowerment, for you, means we totally change organizational culture. Everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language, using data to inform even the smallest conversations.

When we work together, we change the conversation. We create thought leaders and organizational powerhouses. 

Your team will work differently after this workshop and your audiences will notice. This isn’t just about graphs – it’s about data as a centerpiece to communication.

You won’t be able to get rid of me.

For real – workshops with me are not a one-and-done engagement. They lead to so much change that I’d be irresponsible to just walk away from you. Heck no, that’s not how we do it.

After the workshop, I support your team with instructions, guides, and checklists.

I enroll some of your team members into my Data Visualization Academy for a full year to get your biggest data nerds the growth they are ready for.

I follow up with you with ideas for continuing to build momentum.

After a set of workshops for both data consumers and data analysts at a large for-profit organization, a senior vice president wrote to say, “Your name is now a verb around here.”  It’s now common to hear staff ask one another “Can you try to Evergreen that graph?”

There’s no going back after a workshop with me. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

Workshops can be virtual or in-person. Anywhere from 90-minutes to 12 hours. Somewhere between 3 people and 3,000 (yep, I’ve done both). Send me some details about what you have in mind through the contact form below. 

A small investment of time can totally change the way you’ve been doing everything. 

The Logistical Stuff

If you want a sense of how fun and engaging this’ll be, check out this 30-minute webinar hosted by my publisher, SAGE (followed by 30 minutes of Q & A).

Workshops look like this but feature your own data, made over. Plus you, actually learning how to do it. You’ll impress yourself. It’s awesome.

My workshops are extremely popular: my schedule typically books 6-8 months in advance. If you need something sooner, look into my Data Visualization Academy.

We work with the greats – adding you to this list soon!