Free Class: 25 Ways to Make More Inclusive Data Visualization


At Evergreen Data we often engage with clients to redesign slides, dashboards, and reports so that the data speak clearly and audiences know what’s going on. We have worked with clients in every industry, so on this page you’ll find makeovers we’ve done for clients everywhere around the world. It’s like binge-watching Fixer Upper only way more nerdy and fun.

One Page Handout Revamp

We are big believers that tacky infographics won’t get you far. We revised just this one page of a larger report for an education nonprofit to tell a much clearer story about who they serve. 

Read through the behind-the-scene remodel to get a glimpse into how we think about communicating with data.

Verizon Slide Makeover

The corporate world still lives and breathes PowerPoint. We think there’s nothing wrong with that! PowerPoint is a great tool – if you know how to use it well.

In this makeover, we reworked a very default-y slide into something that matched the polish of the company AND better connected disparate data points into a more cohesive story. We often work with large corporations on stellar slide design and on setting up better templates so you can make your own engaging slides.

Fortune 500 Slide Makeover

The original slideshow we were asked to revise is so so so common in Corporate America. I see the same type of design on the laptops of the people next to me when I’m flying all around the world. It probably looks familiar to you, too. 

Check out the remodel, where we didn’t even have to change to core graph type – we just built a better bar. Smarter color use, strong headlines, and icons to organize the content all came together to ensure that this strategy meeting was a success.

Philanthropy Dashboard Redesign

Our work with clients changes their entire organizational culture. Effective data visualization alters how we communicate with each other and the speed at which we can make clear, data-driven decisions. 

Check out how the addition of tiny, powerful visuals enhanced the readability of this dashboard delivered to a philanthropic board of directors. It changed their decision-making meetings forever. About six months later, the person who hired us was promoted.

Susan G Komen Data Makeover

Some stories are so important, default graph types can’t contain them. We implemented more powerful visuals, still made in the software you already own, to showcase data with the can’t-be-ignored urgency that it deserves.

This makeover will compel audiences to stand up, pay attention, and get a mammogram.

Revised Research Brief

Look, we are data nerds around here. We think research is naturally exciting. But not everyone is so predisposed. 

We used better page layout, smart graphic elements, and high impact data visualization to make this research brief more engaging to a wider audience. Be sure to see the original version – we take people far, fast. We even created this a template so the researchers could DIY in the future.

Those Financial Tables

Every company annual report takes one page near the end to absolutely bore us with their accounting tables of income and expense. That data could be way more interesting.

In this labor of love, we overhauled the financial pages from two different annual reports (including Gates Foundation) to show how data storytelling works.

Keynote Superpowers

Keynoting a conference is a career milestone. This is not the time to use Calibri, black font on a white slide, for an hour. Five minutes into your talk, your audience will be trying to quietly sneak out the back.

We gave this keynote new superpowers with simple and skillful data visualization, fonts, and colors more appropriate for viewing in those huge ballrooms. THIS is how you keep 500 people engaged for an hour.

Empowered Clients Rise and Shine

We can makeover your data for you OR we can teach you the capacity building skills so that you can do it yourself. Our workshops are so life-changing that you leave knowing you’ll never go back to the old way of communicating data ever again. We open eyes. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

The most rewarding part of our work is when workshop clients email us to brag about how their revised data reports got attention, engaged new audiences, and saved lives. The before-and-after from our clients at Arizona Department of Public Health is a testament to how far you can travel with some guidance from Evergreen Data.