Data Nerd Holiday Swag

Data Nerd Holiday Swag

One of the smartest branding moves is to keep yourself top-of-mind with clients when you aren’t in the throes of discussing contract details. The new year is a perfect opportunity to remind your clients that you are both fun AND serious about data. I send a holiday card to my clients every year and I release my designs for you because I love you and I care about your work.
This is the holiday card I sent last year. Click on the picture to head to the order page.
And here are my cards from holidays gone by. Click a picture to head to the order page.

These tried and true designs have been bought by the bucketload by people just like you and sent to happy clients who now see the sender as charming and thoughtful. Just the way to start a new year.

Slopegraph Holiday Card for Data Nerds
All I Want Holiday Card
Happy Holidays Data Nerd Card
Prosperity Pie Chart Holiday Card
Maybe your branding needs to happen on a more personal level. Maybe you need to remind your data nerd sweetheart that you support their full nerd power, even though you quibble about the shopping list and stress out over the holiday calendar. Warm your data nerd’s heart with a flask. BAM shopping done. Both designs says “DRINKS FOR DATA NERDS.” They have a y-axis which is the amount of liquid remaining in the flask and an x-axis called “my condition.” The difference is the data points. They both cracked me up so I just made two designs for you to choose from. Bonus points for gifting it full of booze. Click a picture to head to the order page.
Drinks for Data Nerds Flask 2
Drinks for Data Nerds Flask 1
Despite how 2016 has been one heck of a year in so many regards, we can still spread love and goodwill. Thanks for being a bright spot for me this year.

PS. Members of my Data Visualization Academy are getting discounts on this swag, in addition to video tutorials on advanced graph making, templates, coaching, and R code. Enrollment for another cohort of 100 is now open. Maybe *that’s* the holiday gift your favorite data nerd really needs.
3 thoughts on “Data Nerd Holiday Swag
  1. Roger Phillips says:

    Will these be available as postcards, as in past years? Have really liked them and sent tons in the postcard format. All the best.

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