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Awesome! Let me know how it goes. Maybe I can swing by next time I'm in Portland.

"People assume that the numbers are manipulated and dislike the elitism of resorting to quantitative evidence."

New Post: How We Unintentionally Perpetuate Inequality Part 3

New Post: How We Unintentionally Perpetuate Inequality Part 3 #dataviz

I am cool with this.

Breaks my heart but I've had to say no to about 60% of the speaking requests I've gotten so far this year. #whencaniclonemyself

The interactive graph on @nytimes is amazing! Have some fun, work your brain, love Obama.

Dying to know who in my #dataviz workshop gave their iPhone network that name

All those dot plots!

When I gave a #dataviz talk in #Austin, my host jas_7mins gifted me this gorgeous cuff, handmade…

18 January

How We Unintentionally Perpetuate Inequality Part 3

Last week a friend told me the story of a…

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04 January

My 2016 Personal Annual Report

Every year I say this has been the best year…

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07 December

Two Alternatives to Using a Second Y-Axis

Almost as often as I see a pie chart with…

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16 November

Data Nerd Holiday Swag

One of the smartest branding moves is to keep yourself…

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09 November

Qualitative Chart Chooser

Hi. Hey there. Having a rough day? I have something…

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07 November

Election Night Trap Map

Since none of us can escape election coverage, no doubt…

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