Presenting Data Effectively

Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact  


So I wrote a book, Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact and the awesome people at Sage published it in October 2013.

Presenting Data Effectively is about how to better design our reports, slideshows, research posters, and graphs. It begins and ends with the science of communication and a grounded discussion of how the brain takes in and retains information. That critical, research-based foundation informs all of our choices about how we present data. With a signature style that combines research with humor and a ton of examples and practical guidance, Presenting Data Effectively is a resource for anyone interested in using data to communicate.

Order through Amazon (which seems to be sold out quite a bit) or Sage (ships right away).
Interested in reading a sample of the content in Presenting Data Effectively? Head to Stephanie’s blog or watch the book trailer, illustrated and edited by Chris Lysy.

Presenting Data Effectively: The Trailer