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We are multidisciplinary data communication specialists focused on helping clients polish data for sharing with funders and stakeholders.

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Check out the blog!

Check out the blog!

Check out the blog for all things Data Visualization. From guest speakers in the industry to how to's, tips and advice, to resources and references, it's all covered here.

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Presenting Data Effectively

Presenting Data Effectively

How to better design our reports, slideshows, research posters, and graphs. It begins and ends with the science of communication and a grounded discussion of how the brain takes in and retains information.

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Let's change the game together.

Let's change the game together.

Presenting data effectively cuts through the noise to get to decisions faster. It changes the culture of an organization by elevating conversation to a new level and turning your team into a streamlined machine.

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I wrote a book!

The Checklists!

Research-based design guidelines for reports, slides, and data visualizations.

Download Stephanie's popular Evaluation Report Layout Checklist based on her dissertation.

For slideshows, review this checklist Stephanie made for the Potent Presentations Initiative.

New release! The Data Visualization Checklist will rock your world.



Registration now open for a hands-on #Excel #dataviz class in Portland http://t.co/lSJSqwGu9k Seats will fill up really fast.

My newest post is on how to make slopegraphs in #Excel, with step by step instructions and screenshots http://t.co/tDQ46HxKsw #dataviz

New Post: How to Make a Slopegraph in Excel http://t.co/tDQ46HxKsw #dataviz #stepbystep http://t.co/JoJ3StAuAF

Today's newsletter has a pretty sweet treat, too! https://t.co/scqyOZYjjP

vizzing, messaging, and framing! https://t.co/UYCrp7TUNG

This is a big opportunity for those heading to #eval15 https://t.co/FNJ5VeD51L

I just forgot what city I'm in.

29 July

Make a Slopegraph in Excel

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I’m a Woman and I Need Data, Too

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Theorists Can Have Great Slides Too

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17 June

How to Make a Short Report a Billion Times More Engaging

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03 June

President Obama’s Data Visualization

I realize it’s completely taboo to write about current events…

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20 May

When I Don’t Mind Radar Graphs

Most of the time, I think radar graph are deployed…

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