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Evergreen Data

We are multidisciplinary data communication specialists focused on helping clients polish data for sharing with funders and stakeholders.

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Effective Data Visualization

Effective Data Visualization

On sale now, my newest book guides you through what chart type to use, when, and how to construct it using the tools you already own.

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Check out the blog!

Check out the blog!

Check out the blog for all things Data Visualization. From guest speakers in the industry to how to's, tips and advice, to resources and references, it's all covered here.

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Presenting Data Effectively

Presenting Data Effectively

How to better design our reports, slideshows, research posters, and graphs. It begins and ends with the science of communication and a grounded discussion of how the brain takes in and retains information.

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Let's change the game together.

Let's change the game together.

Presenting data effectively cuts through the noise to get to decisions faster. It changes the culture of an organization by elevating conversation to a new level and turning your team into a streamlined machine.

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Chart Chooser Cards

Chart Chooser Cards

These fun, easy to use cards help you figure out the best chart type to use in any situation. Currently on Kickstarter, cards are available in bulk, along with an infographic and Excel and Tableau graph templates.

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I wrote a book!

The Checklists!

Research-based design guidelines for reports, slides, and data visualizations. Download Stephanie's popular Evaluation Report Layout Checklist based on her dissertation. For slideshows, review this checklist Stephanie made for the Potent Presentations Initiative. New release! The Data Visualization Checklist will rock your world.

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We TLDRHandouts2break fire code with all the people who cram in the room to see me talk. If you missed seeing me in person, grab a handout. Stay on top of my events *and* get the most practical visualization and reporting advice by signing up for my newsletter.



The polar extremes! https://t.co/pP8GrIIp7e

One of my only workshops open to public enrollment. Seats will fill fast!! https://t.co/YTye5n4PQN

Egads https://t.co/hszXsK0eDu

Yes, @gotowebinar I am "unmated" but you didn't have to say so in my login instructions! https://t.co/V9WAn7xsBi

.@clysy on the big data backlash & what to do instead https://t.co/9dIolyNq0f

We surpassed 1000% of our goal! 1 more week to order your chart chooser cards cc @powerfulpointhttps://t.co/K2l4g3NfRa

Pad Thai and dashboard sketching. https://t.co/cubKL0bLw4

.@tonyfujs on visualizing missing data. #dataviz https://t.co/zjY7t3whyK

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