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We are multidisciplinary data communication specialists focused on helping clients polish data for sharing with funders and stakeholders.

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Check out the blog!

Check out the blog!

Check out the blog for all things Data Visualization. From guest speakers in the industry to how to's, tips and advice, to resources and references, it's all covered here.

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Presenting Data Effectively

Presenting Data Effectively

How to better design our reports, slideshows, research posters, and graphs. It begins and ends with the science of communication and a grounded discussion of how the brain takes in and retains information.

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About Stephanie

About Stephanie

Stephanie Evergreen is a sought-after speaker, designer, and evaluator who brings a research-based approach to helping clients shine their work.

I wrote a book!

The Checklists!

Research-based design guidelines for reports, slides, and data visualizations.

Download Stephanie's popular Evaluation Report Layout Checklist based on her dissertation.

For slideshows, review this checklist Stephanie made for the Potent Presentations Initiative.

New release! The Data Visualization Checklist will rock your world.



Great comparison of new ways to show a US heat map. I'm currently Team Hexagon http://t.co/QOSvH7vSWX #dataviz

Fun day teaching #dataviz to smart people at @SEDLtweets but maybe best was lunch from @torchystacos Fried avocado! http://t.co/4wRQoTAK5B

Another mention for my latest post on the rare occasion when I don't mind bullet charts. http://t.co/QGrwRlWbUc #dataviz

New post: When I Don't Mind Radar Graphs http://t.co/QGrwRlWbUc #dataviz http://t.co/EDX4lSZgtz

.@tgarchibald How's the post workshop #dataviz revolution going at @virginia_tech ?

Wow I can see how much you've been trying new ideas. Awesome work. https://t.co/oI6y65qWSd

Happy, happy, will be returning to Portland in September for #dataviz & reporting workshops.

Email from @canva about new ability to make instant infographics actually makes me sad. PSA: Your program can't do your thinking for you.

20 May

When I Don’t Mind Radar Graphs

Most of the time, I think radar graph are deployed…

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06 May

Academia, The Last Bastion of Change

Wherever I travel, without fail, the people who are most…

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22 April

Visualizing Tiny Trends Over Time

I say: Trend over time? You say: Line graph! I…

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08 April

The Most Important Question in Data Visualization

What’s your point? Seriously, that’s the most important question to…

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25 March

Guest Post: Sid Ali on Visual – Yet Formal – Reports

Stephanie’s Note: So so often I get emails from readers…

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11 March

Visualize Branching Questions with Nested Area Graphs

This, my friends, is a nested area graph. I got…

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